Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Tree That Goes the Distance....

I took a pic of this Walking Tree in the Amazon
Trees.  No matter where you live, trees are sure to be found.  The forests of trees, the solitary tree of the desert, sporadic trees that dot the landscape like stars in the sky, urban soldier trees that line our roads like a fortress wall, the fruit orchards....well the list does on and on.  Whether they are in the background or foreground, trees make a statement.  Whenever I am in rain forest, I am always amazed at all the magnificent varieties of trees out there that I don't know anything about......the Lipstick tree, the May tree, and the Tree of the Forest are just some examples that come to my mind from my latest trip.  I also discovered that not only are there walking trees but....walking palms?  Yes.  People may say impossible, but I tell you it's true.  Look at the above pic.  Notice how the roots are above ground?  The roots will help the tree search for light or water.  In a rain forest, this is a very good skill to have as competition between plants is fierce.  It doesn't move super fast, but it can move several feet in one year.  How does it work?  New roots grow from where the tree or palm needs to be.  Older roots detach from the tree so that it can move anywhere it wants.  
It looks like this tree is escaping into the field from the rain forest.
The Walking Palm or Red Mangrove are considered plants that can "move" in search of water. Many of the walking plants are found in the rainforests of Central and South America.  But like the Ents from Lord of the Rings, these plants are slooooooow moving...well by human standards:)  Until tomorrow..... 


  1. I love trees and I love the rainforest which is always full of mysteries and intrigue.

  2. Amazing!
    We will probably have to walk too one day... lol

  3. That is incredible!! I need my plants to walk over to the rain barrels, water themselves, and then go back to the garden. :o) Too bad the trees don't walk faster. They could run errands for you!


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