Friday, August 12, 2011

A Sea of Succulents

I had been waiting for this opportunity. Finally on my trip to Panama, I found the images I was looking for!! Over the course of a year, I had written twice on how to make your succulent garden look like a coral reef, but I couldn't show you an image of the coral reef because I didn't have one. Now I do:)  Here's the image I have in my head.  For you succulent and cacti lovers, look at these shapes and sizes.  Plants are great, but those of us who can work with structural plants like succulents, agaves or cacti are extremely lucky. In fact, after my trip to Panama, I came home wanting to be back in my desert!  I missed my cacti!!  Anyhow look at the coral forms in this pic.  Do you see any kinds of succulents that look similiar to these coral shapes?  
In a year, I begin my art projects around El Presidio.  One of the pieces I will be creating is a fountain of succulents/small cacti that will create my sea of succulents.  It will have to be moved in winter to protect from our evening frosts. Here's a case where nature inspires garden art.  Has anyone tried this look? 
Let me give you a start.  Match this Cereus Monstrose Rojo below with the coral in the  above pics. Do you see it?
Cereus Monstrose Rojo
Imagine.  Create.  Be inspired by the forms around you. Until tomorrow.....


  1. "The ocean is a desert with it's life underground. And a perfect disguise above." - America

    I think a coral reef is a great inspiration for succulent or desrt gardens. I also miss the desert when I am gone from it for too long, especially the wetter it is where I'm at!

  2. When I saw the title of your post in my bloggers list what immediately came to mind was a vast garden dedicated to succulents, to my surprise when I saw pictures of coral reefs. I got your point after I read your post. Nature is the best art inspiration. Wishing you well on your upcoming projects.


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