Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An Experience Best Shared

Entry written on paper at noon on June 13th, 2011.
Sometimes you have to dig deeper into a country to find the real treasures that it has to offer.  I suppose I should take my own advice and look past the Starbucks and McDonalds on every corner of the US.  I am not a big fan of travel in the United States because it costs so much money just to do nothing!  It's like Vegas.  Cool looking on the outside, but empty on the inside. Panama could be like that if you let it.  However we had done a lot of research into this country before traveling here and I think we are in for a wild ride!!  Some countries are authentic the minute you arrive off the plane.  You don' have to search for the cultural things because it's right there in front of you.  Panama, which has a huge American influence, has a lot of qualities similiar to our own in the larger cities.  They use the American dollar and many people speak English....and that's just to name a few.  But don't be blinded by the bling......there is definitely a fascinating culture and history here that just needs a little surface digging!  Sorry...had to get that gardening bit in;)

Chris Rohrer Panama City 2011
As I sit here on my first day in this country, I'm going to share my first lunch with you by the ocean.  I'm also enjoying the breeze as it is hot and humid otherwise.  If it wasn't for the air sitting on top of your skin, it would be actually pleasant.  I've also discovered that being older with experience points has its perks:)  While the backpacking kids are getting high and drinking their many beers flirting away their lives for mattress mambo, I'm able to get a headstart for the next days plans.  They wake up with a hangover and leave late from the hostel which allows me to get my shower in before everyone else and grab that first taxi off into adventure land!!
Today's lunch...the traditional sancocho soup with potatoes and chicken.  One of the things I think about, as I am by myself for now waiting for friends to arrive, is how important it is to have them!  An experience is best shared with others!  While it's nice to sit and drink my coffee and think about things; it would also be nice to share a cup of coffee with Pat and crew.  Pat couldn't come because there wasn't enough vacation time....but there's always next year!
Note to self....love this Panamanian Pepper Sauce on my rice!!! Bring umbrella for the constant rain here. And Alt 64 makes this symbol "@" on the computer since their keyboards are not "normal". So Pat and my friends aren't with me yet, but you are(well in spirit!).  I'm writing under a palapa with some rain coming down.  My paper is moist from the humidity and I'm enjoying every bit of it!!!  I hope you enjoy this in depth look over the next several weeks from our adventures in Panama.  I'll take you to gardens, national parks, and to many many other places.  Las Aventuras goes tropical for this next series!! Thank you for allowing me to share these experiences with you. 

At a wildlife refuge in Boquete
Post script.  Folks, I have some amazing pics and video on this series....well at least I think I do:)  I'm really proud of the work and along the way, I picked up tips from several vacationing bloggers. I always am learning something new, but most importantly I enjoy having a months buffer to sit and write quality work.  It's quite the process....editing video, uploading pics, and THEN writing!(which is my favorite part).  I haven't forgotten El Presidio and will return with updates, but our past winter was brutal this year and I'm still in the process of correcting the damage and in some cases, just being patient. Those pics will be coming up in September as will a series I'm going to call, "After the Fires."Until tomorrow friends:)


  1. Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. I'm looking forward to our vacation in Panama! Thanks for inviting me!

  3. Thanks for chronicling your travel, yes i will be watching out for your next posts, as i might not be able to be there in this lifetime.

  4. My family lived in Panama for 4.plus years. We returned to the states in 1971. I loved our life there and wanted to turn around and head right back. At that time they were about 20 years behind us in attitude. I was in for culture shock when we returned to live in California during the big race riots. We saw nothing of race problems in Panama that I knew of.

    I learned spanish in Panama and its quite different from the border spanish that I experience here. I was very surprised that I even remembered enough to get by on our travels to Mexico.
    I am looking forward to your adventures. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I had friends who were from Panama and got to spend time with their families who lived outside the Zone. They lived in a tree house, it was very cool. I love how they make the rice to where it's almost burn't on the edges. There was this fruit which resembles a lime, but the skin is very thin and to eat the fruit you squeezed it and this mushy yellow thing with a pit would pop out. It would pucker your cheeks because of it's unique characteristics. We called it Guineps. I wish I could find some here stateside.

  6. Yes!!!! I had that while I was there. It was delicious. The shelf life on some of this fruit is so short that it can't be shipped too far without going bad. Thanks for making me remember that experience. What a beautiful country! Where does all the time go?


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