Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The South American Exhibit

I imagine that throughout the course of my blogging and travels in Panama, I probably will be mentioning several of the critters off my video below.  Last night I put this video together to show off several of the birds and mammals that live in Central and South America. However, not all are found in Panama, but they are still cool to see:) You'll find these guys in the oddest places....if you are lucky to see them at all!!  Most are noctural or high above the tree tops....and it takes a trained eye to see these amazing animals.  I am getting better spotting animals......but there's always room for improvement.
An anteater

Here are some images that I hope relax the mind.  The rain forest is a very loud place....especially at night. And if you need to turn on a flashlight or candle, just be ready to see things....sometimes you won't even get the warning of glowing eyes'll just get the full on monkey or snake on your cabin floor. Is that cool?  Yes.  Do I like it at the time? No.  Do I like monkeys digging in my backpack? No. Do I like the lodge seeing my underwear on the ground and around their property?  No.  Do I like feeling bat wings flutter in my face as I reach to light my candle? No.  Is all this completely amazing?  Yes...and that's why I keep going back for the torture:)

Filmed at Reid Park Zoo in the South American Exhibit during my bamboo excursion.  Is Tucson cool? place in the world:)  I love living here.
Llama of the Andes
The Largest Rodent in the world...the Capybara

Peacocks...not necessarily South American but still pretty birds:)


  1. How lovely your blog many interesting things to read. Very glad to have discovered you and will take time to go through to learn more. I see you are a fellow bamboo-lover.

    I've kind of written myself out about our garden and it's only now and again I find something fresh to say. Thanks for visiting.

    Feliz Navidad.

  2. Hi! Fantastic video. I watched it twice together with my daughter. We love to watch the animals. I like the grass too, the one that looks like cotton. And the music is perfect...


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