Thursday, December 30, 2010

Butterfly Magic at the Gardens

Frosty.  Rainy. Cold morning.  Until I got to the butterfly exhibit and then it, humid, and steamy.  I don't know what both extremes will do to a body, but I'll find out tonight. Hopefully I won't get sick. On this gray and cloudy day, a moment of sunshine and color presented itself in the gardens!  Today I went to volunteer at the gardens in the butterfly exhibit and it was a wonderful contrast to what was really going on outside.  I love conservatories and greenhouses because you can grow things inside that you normally wouldn't be able to plant outside....for example, you'll see tillandsias(or air plants) all around the tropical garden.  Here are pics and a vid from today's outings.
The Morphos Butterfly(wings closed)
                                                                 Morphos with wings open.

The exhibit will be open until April 30th, 2011. 

The Glass Wing Butterfly

Birdwing Butterfly
The video contains several shots from the exhibit before visitors arrived plus you'll get to see how they move about the greenhouse.

The Atlas Moth

Tomorrow I'll show what we did to prepare for the super freeze that is happening tonight and throughout the weekend.


  1. Beautiful butterfly, the Atlas Moth is amazing.
    Happy new year.

  2. Enjoyed this post! I found a Glasswing butterfly in Texas, the first glasswing seen in the wild in the US in Over 100 years. A year later and a day someone else found another at the same location.


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