Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Kiss of Death

This week, a cold front, moved through Tucson killing everything in her path. It hadn't been that cold since 2007.  We had two nights that stayed at 24 degrees for more than 6 hours and that here equals the kiss of death.  Here is some of the damage that our two frosty nights have caused with several of the plants in the Presidio Gardens. 

I didn't cover anything because I believe that if it can withstand the colder nights, it will be able to endure other extremes.  I did bring in a succulent plant however because it was a gift from my mother.  Other than that, all other plants had to stand on their own and it wasn't at all disappointing to see what died and what continues to live.

Frosty nights are a rare treat here in the desert southwest, but it's on nights like these when you need to remember your 4 P's.....Protect your people, pets, plants, and pipes. Stay tuned for my post/video on "Luminaria Nights".

It will all come back...


  1. Oh no! I remember you mentioned your Castor plant is very hardy. Maybe it will bounce back.

  2. I hope it does...but if not, I have more seeds. I kind of figures this might happen at some point this time of year so I'm not too shocked:)

  3. I hit a time when I have to let things go each year. I hope your garden recovers and fills back in quickly. Do the hummingbirds handle that cold?

  4. Many do and they stick around winter long. There never seems a shortage of the little guys. We apparently are one of the most diverse places in regards to hummers and a lot of them stick around here:)


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