Monday, January 30, 2017

What Would Bob Ross Do?

Nesting Great Horned Owl
 A week passed and I kept myself busy with work while doing a little volunteering for Tucson Audubon.  I monitored my nesting owls but couldn't shake the news.  No matter where I went, I was bombarded with it everywhere. 

Quiet at the San Pedro Riparian area
The United States is having a moment.  The citizens are at odds.  The conservatives complain that all the liberals are whining too much and that they should get over it. But the protests should tell them that it's not going to end anytime soon. 

A Merlin
Americans are witnessing something very historic and very ugly for the first time in decades.  Speaking about politics out in the open is poisonous and deadly.  This uncontrollable poison leaches into everything I do.  And I am not the only one.  Something big is building and I don't think people have a clue about how bad things are going to get.  A movement is beginning.  One that I have never seen in my lifetime.  But perhaps those who are in their 60's(and older) remember a similar moment in history known as the Civil Rights Movement.  So for people to casually blow this off as simply whining are really not understanding how serious this is.  We are a pressure cooker and the top is about to blow.

Pronghorn rest in the Cienagas Grasslands near Empire Ranch
SO.  I tried birding in several spots to rid myself of this negative energy, but everywhere we went, whispers from the crowds and hikers kept the political conversations going.  We had to go away from the tourist and crowded outdoor attractions to find quiet.

 It wasn't until we reached the grasslands that I was able to freely let that nasty energy go.  There is something about the grasslands that is so healing. We watched as the wind bent the grass blades forward, rippling across the miles of golden terrain.  

In the silence, my mind began to wander as we hiked along the trails.  At one point, I began to think about Bob Ross while passing a random and solitary tree.  As you may or may not know, trees make everything better in the world of Ross.  And they really do:)

a sleepy Western Screech-Owl
What would Bob Ross have thought about all of this craziness? Would he have put more of himself into his work?  Or would he have said anything at all?  My mind eventually drifts back to the trees.  Some stood together while others stood alone. And yet there was enough space for all of them to grow freely. 

Bob Ross once said, "You need the dark in order to show the light." While he may have been speaking about his painting process, Bob often spoke with a deeper meaning.  I mean, that's why his show was so awesome.  It wasn't just about painting:)

Unfortunately, it'll take more than Bob Ross to get us through this national crisis.  And it's times like these when birding and art and discovery and life should be free from all this madness. It's not.  Somehow, somewhere there will come a breaking point when the so called "whining" turns violent and history will repeat itself....again. For now, the US is in it deep. Until next time......


  1. Great post Chris. The owl photos are amazing. For the first time since I was a young child, I am scared for our country. I remember the Cuban Crisis, having drills in our school. I am amazed we have a racist hater for a President. Trying to stay positive is really hard, going out for a bird walk soon. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

    1. Same here....except I don't remember the Cuban Missile Crisis but I sure read about it. Crazy stuff. I don't think I could even call this guy a president he's so bad. I'm not sure how much the country will take of it. I was watching a piece on Iranians who voted for him and thought......there you go. People should have weighed the lesser of two evils. Now, we're all going to have to work harder for what's right. Everything can recover, but our environment? Well that's a whole other matter and the one I will focus my battles on....although there's a bunch of other ones I'll help out because that whack job has to go. And I wish the Republicans and Democrats in office will grow a backbone stand up to this whack job.

  2. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time Chris.

    Wonderful photos of the owls - good to get out into nature to try and recharge the batteries. Try and stay positive although I can imagine it is very difficult with what is happening/lies ahead :(

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. I try. I try keeping that TV off and then someone brings up something that that guy did and the physical sickness part kicks in.

  4. Everything you say is true. It is a sad time in history for the United States. I am happy that you can find solace in nature, and thanks for the great pictures you shared with us.


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