Sunday, January 8, 2017

Every Day Is Sunday

When I visit with family during holiday over an extended period of time, I find that every day blurs into the next.  During breakfast with my Grandma one morning, I asked her, "What day is today?"  

Bald Eagles at the Two Rivers Harbo
"Sunday. But when you're retired, every day is Sunday.", she replied.  I didn't need to be retired to understand that feeling . 

Days and dates lose their meaning.  And with our agenda, it was quite a dangerous thing to forget scheduled events.  Thankfully, my Dad wouldn't let us forget:)

Everyone needed meeting times and where we'd meet.  If I could, I'd let it all happen as it happens, but that's not the way of the world. 

Bald Eagle
We'd get lost in observation with beautiful birds like the Bald Eagle.  Once, this bird flew in great numbers around Wisconsin.  During the 70's, 80's and 90's, this bird had all but vanished from the Lakeshore.  But today, after the DDT bans, these birds are once again appearing in great numbers across Wisconsin.  In fact during our stay, the Bald Eagle was quite a common bird and observed on nearly every count we did. 

a visit with Grandma
A bird I one day hope to observe in Arizona is the Rough-legged Hawk. During the winter months, this hawk is a common sight in the countryside. 

Rough-legged Hawk
I like this bird a lot because it often behaves like a kite while hunting across the fields.  

Each day felt like one long gray overcast extension of the next. Once and awhile, a ray of sunshine pierced the clouds and touched my skin.  In that rare moment, I felt like a cat sunning itself in the window. 

I could have spent hours in the field just observing the wildlife, but then again, I would have missed seeing my friends. AND I didn't even get to see all of them!  While I was home, I found out a classmate passed away and it was sad news.  Once again, I am reminded from a person's early passing to live life. Explore now.  Discover now.  Because there may not come a tomorrow. When my tomorrow comes, I want to be able to say that I truly lived life to the fullest. 

I heard more stories of death and gloom. A neighbor's father.  Carrie Fisher.  Debbie Reynolds.  George Michaels.  The holidays were rough!  I'm so glad that 2016 did not claim Betty White!  She is a national treasure!

female Downy Woodpecker
I easily forget about things when I watch wildlife.  I am thankful I live in Tucson.  I had been looking forward to going home to Wisconsin and getting a break from Arizona.  But what inevitably happens after a vacation?  I realized that I missed Tucson, my home.  When I returned, the rays of sunshine felt good against my skin. I love Wisconsin but Arizona has my heart....even during the nasty summer months:) It's funny how winter will make me forget the evil 110 degree temps!

Red-bellied Woodpecker
Anyhow, we had a blast and spent a wonderful time together. 

Birding, which is the greatest adventure of all, takes me to all places both far and near.  When I bird in Wisconsin, it's a different kind of birding.  One that blurs the past, present and future into a singular moment. It's not your typical birding, but it does make for a thought provoking experience.  Until next time.....

The cat attacks the tree on her daily morning routine.  Several ornaments a day are found rolling around the floor each day. 


  1. Que bonita el águila calva.. Saluditos..

  2. Making the most of each day is important. I'm also hoping that this year brings fewer deaths - 9 known people in one year is too many, but it's part of life, especially in the natural world. On the positive side I saw 8 new little bird lives this morning in late summer.

    1. That is awesome!!!! Anytime you get new birdies, it's a great day!!:) Happy New Year!!

    2. Thanks, Chris. New ducklings ARE always goo to see.

  3. Fabulous photos - looks like you had a great time with your family. I especially love those woodpeckers :)

    1. I don't get to see those very often. Hope you had a wonderful new year! Big hugs to you both! Chris

  4. The climate change must have been a real shock to the system, Chris. No wonder you were homesick after a while, even if you were with those you love. Although I've long been retired, I'd hate for every day to be a Sunday - there's just far too many people out in the countryside on a Sunday!

    Best wishes to you both for 2017 - - - Richard

    1. I agree Richard! Sundays are the worst for birding. Maybe Wednesdays?:) Happy New Year!!!

  5. Wonderful to hear that the Bald Eagle is fighting back and winning. Thanks for sharing your bird adventures.

  6. Well, Chris...I am finally here in Oregon in my new home. Don't know if you've had a chance to see the last few posts. It's been a challenge with this record snowfall! LOVE your eagle photos! Wow! And the hawk in AZ. What sweet shots with your family and friends. Each day is a gift! We have to embrace it and be thankful for it, that's for sure. Hope you are doing well. I'll be posting regularly now....hopefully once we can get out and about, I will have more than snow to post. :-) At least our backyard visitors can provide some variety! Take care. Hope you have an amazing year!

  7. I am so glad you were able to go home, and see your family, and get a little taste of winter again! You are starting off the New Year with some great birds. That Roughed-legged Hawk is a nice find. I saw one here in Jefferson, Maine, just last Saturday! Happy New Year, Rohrer!


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