Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Stately Fortress

Oh it would be easy to sit back and do nothing BUT then I'd miss out on all the fun!  In an effort to collect photo documentation, I returned to several areas to get those photos and add new species to my state list. 

Elegant Trogon
If I sat around like this Elegant Trogon, I wouldn't improve my birding skills one bit.  However, the Elegant Trogon wasn't just sitting around.....

He was eyeing up a katydid for lunch.

Green Kingfisher
The true purpose of our trip out to Patagonia State Park was to help friend Gordon get the rare Green Kingfisher on his state list.  I also needed to update my photos of this bird.  This male is a stunner!

And along the way, such beauties like the Swamp Sparrow (below) bedazzle us sparrow lovers:)

Swamp Sparrow
Oh.....and who can resist the bright flashy pinks of an Anna's Hummingbird?!

male Anna's Hummingbird
Or stare up into the sky and wonder why a Zone-tailed Hawk is eating an American Coot? And why is it wintering in Tucson??!!!!  So many questions about so many things......

Zone-tailed Hawk
But the true challenge came when I added a Palm Warbler to the Arizona list.  Adding state birds these days is hard work!  And warblers are the find:)

Western Palm Warbler
And while not the greatest photo I've taken of a Rose-throated Becard(below), it's proof that I've finally seen one here in the US!

Rose-throated Becard
As I begin my year, I find peace and joy in Arizona birding.  I am grateful for the constant challenges that arise here.  Arizona truly is a birder's paradise. 

Say's Phoebe
When there aren't any rarities to chase, there's always an amazing group of local birds to find. I am proud to be an Arizona birder.  I have grown over the years as a better birder thanks in part to all the wonderful guides and professionals who live here. They continue to educate me and I continue to learn.  There is still SO much to learn.  Until next time....

Gilded Flicker in the rain at Saguaro National Park
For this post's reports, click on the links. 
Patagonia State Park(Green Kingfisher, etc)

Quail Creek Municipal Veterans Park (Palm Warbler)

The DeAnza Trail(Rose-throated Becard)


  1. Beautiful photos and birds Chris - Arizona must be a birder's dream location. So many wonderful species :)

    1. It's a lot of fun during the winter months:) And fun in the summer in the mountains...:)Great place to bird and hike!

  2. Great series of birds. The Elegant trogon is an incredibly colored. Beautiful bird!

  3. You are refining your collection, nice.

    1. Such pretty birds in a fun location. It's work but it's also a fun challenge:)

  4. I'm knocked out at your collection of birds in this post! Such a variety and so very beautiful. The trogon's colours are incredible. Cheers and happy birding :D)

    1. It was one of those weekends where all the colorful birds were the superstars:)

  5. I always enjoy seeing your birds! You see more birds than anyone I know Chris. Thanks for sharing them. cheers.

    1. Thank you Nora. I love birds and I love being outside! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!


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