Thursday, July 14, 2016

The World of Horicon

Sandhill Crane
Close to my home and near my heart is the magical world of Horicon National Wildlife Refuge.  It's a large area full of incredible birds and peaceful walks. 

Eastern Wood-Pewee
As a child, I remember taking the winding country roads through aging little towns with my grandparents.  Returning as a birder, I saw so much more! 

There were so many stops along the way that I forget where we saw all of our birds.  I just remember having a good time spotting several species that are often difficult to photograph in Arizona. 

Eastern Kingbird
On this day, we would search for Gordon's lifer Bobolink.  And we found plenty:)  

While we search for the Bobolinks, a soggy Song Sparrow pops up to see what we are doing in the prairie grasses. 

Song Sparrow
Tree Swallows shine like sapphires against the bright sunlight. 

Tree Swallow
And Black Terns fish along our gravel path. 

Black Tern
My heart gets beating when I see one of these birds in breeding plumage.  I quickly walk forward.......

......and almost trip over this rock......

......WAIT!  NOT ROCK!  A Snapping Turtle! 

Thanks Gordon for the heads up:)

We had a great morning out at Horicon National Wildlife Refuge.  It's a large area so it definitely requires many more visits.  

Clay-colored Sparrow
Until next time.....

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  1. So enjoy reading about and seeing all the wonderful birds you get over there Chris. Good to see the snapping turtle too - great photo :)


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