Thursday, July 28, 2016

Life Is But A Dream

As the years move forward, one moment blurs into the next like a stream of consciousness forever flowing and changing the course of my life. 

Each day a gift.  Each day a promise.  

The fading sun kisses the world good-bye.  Momentary bliss. 

The soft petal of a flower.  

Daring to take a step forward into the unknown. 

All lasting impressions within my mind.  

So I live for today.  I live each moment.  And I remember.......

......all the good things that I see around me. 

Because at the end of it all, this is what I'll remember..... 

The dream of having lived my life and lived it well.

My photos today were modified by using an app called SuperPhoto.  


  1. I like that app. Those are interesting photos - like oil paintings. I like that. Jack

  2. PS..I'll have to look in to that App

  3. Lovely post and wonderful creative images Chris - love the app :)

  4. You found a great new toy Chris. Wish I too could afford a super duper IPhone in place of my Motorola!

    Good luck in your plans to visit Wales. Guessiny that's a family thing focusing on Wales rather than UK?

    The new book will suit your purpose. It is top notch for sure.

  5. Oh Chris how beautiful. I needed to be in a happy dream world today -- thanks for facilitating the journey. (And I have serious app envy right now too -- must look into this new plaything).

  6. totally awesome. I am a super photo addict and yours are fantastic. I love this app to


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