Monday, May 23, 2016

Wrenegade Madness

Summer Tanager
It started around 5 PM on a Saturday night. The Tucson Audubon's Birdathon began.  Our members Matt, Jennie, Sara, Tim and Corey all gathered for the most exhausting trek ever.  We began our journey into Wilcox at Lake Cochise. 

The winds of change came upon us as a storm blew through Southern Arizona.  But we were prepared. 

Hermit Thrush
At the top of Mt. Lemmon, we nearly froze to death as dense fog brought the kind of cold rarely experienced by desert birders.  A wet chill tried to dampen our spirits, but we weren't having any of it. 

And down the mountains we went into the grasslands of Sonoita. 

White-winged Doves, Inca Dove and Lark Sparrow
There it was warm.  So we hid in the shadows with this Rufous-crowned Sparrow counting birds outside of Patagonia. 

Rufous-crowned Sparrow
We looked up. And down.  And all around. And would you believe it if I told you we found lots of birds?:)  Thanks to fundraising events like these, we'll hopefully continue to protect our birds for generations to come. 

During a reprieve, we settled down at some feeders and watched....more birds. 

Yellow-breasted Chat
Before we knew it, Sunday had come and gone.  Our once a year birding event would come to an end. And every year, we ask ourselves, "Why do we do this crazy thing?"

But we remember quickly that it's all about protecting our planet's birds and the habitats they use.  We raised money.  We had a lot of fun.  And we found 174 birds in one day!  THAT is a good day indeed!

The Wrenegades
As the marathon came to a close, we said our good-bye's quickly so that we could get into our comfy beds and sleep forever.  The Wrenegades will return another day. 

Barn Owl
Until next time.......


  1. I would say you had a good time. Thanks for the posting. The photos as usual are excellent! Jack

  2. You won't believe how much I would have loved to be on that trek.

  3. I don't enjoy wandering in company but you lot look to have enjoyed it.

  4. Are birders not meant to be mad???

  5. Chris, that chat photo is amazing. I forgot how bright their bellies are! I know you complain but I also know you have fun! I am not sure i could do that but i sure wish I could! you are so lucky to be able to get out and bird like that!

    BTW, can you send me a barn owl? I need one for my year list! ;-)

  6. You wouldn't know how much i envy those escapades. I wish all our people here are as protective of our birds. I am glad when my father died i let our property edge become almost like a forest, so those birds now come near us on our trees and when they are not scared they come near the house. I just wish those crows go somewhere else so our orioles will get more food and will multiply more freely.

  7. My, what a great place for birding. I love all the little feathery friends you captured.

  8. What a fun, if exhausting day! and for such a good cause. Well done Chris and the photos are amazing :)

  9. Wonderful photos! You had a good time and you done a good work in the same time :)


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