Friday, February 20, 2015

En La Atalaya

Aquí estoy esperándome. 
La luz ya está disminuyendo.

Puedo ver las arrugas de este paisaje mío.
Maduro, soy yo.

Estoy atrapado sin escape.
Tengo temor. De todo un poco.

Mi familia.  Mis amigos. Esta vida tan preciosa.
Su otoño; mi verano. 

Me siento algo tan fuerte por dentro. Un terror.
Las uvas ya se han convertido en las pasas.

¿Cómo es posible?  Tantas opciones.  Tantas decisiones. 
Me quedo.  Me voy.  Oblicaciones del corazón.
Todo tiene su límite.   

En este año, el aventurero explorará. 
 Sólo él sabe las consequencias. 

 En la atalaya, yo veo todo por abajo
Y por encima.  Atrapado, no hay nada que pueda hacer. 



  1. Unless you have any doubts seized and thoughts passing years. It will be good, be happy with his family and his passion. Regards.

  2. Fab shots of family and friends Chris, loved the painting.. did you do it?

  3. This painting hangs above our fireplace. It took me months to find it and some luck to acquire it:)

  4. It's interesting that when I tried "Translate" for your post, English wasn't in the list, I suppose because you're U.S. based. I enjoyed the photos though!

  5. Fear not the passing seasons, or the future, Chris, but continue to grasp life to the full. I'm so glad that most of us do not know what waits around the corner - but whatever it is (good or bad), it is always better when shared with friends.

    Keep the faith! - - - - Richard

  6. Beautiful images Chris and the painting is just wonderful :) Will get daughter to translate what I assume is Spanish :)

  7. Beautiful, each and every one.
    For some reason your blog is not feeding to my reader. But this post was there. I have some catching up to do. I want to give each post the time it deserves.]
    I see some interesting stuff has been happening.

  8. The tree of life! You are part of it!

  9. I don't read Spanish but I made an attempt to understand this post by the few words I did know and it seemed like a sweet tribute to an uncle, perhaps? And to family. But, at any rate, I know you have a good heart and I appreciate you for that. Loved the beautiful photos as well.

    If you somehow miss one of my bird posts I am very unhappy! You missed my big find last week...I saw a Phainopeppla! Here is the link:

    Sending my best thoughts and blessings your way, dear blogger friend!

  10. great shots, of family & friends & nature.
    the sunset cactus pic is awesome!! so tranquil....

  11. Translation, please? lovely pics. can you tell I am trying to get caught up on my blog visits?


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