Sunday, September 29, 2013

So They Say

Blue Dasher Dragonfly

It is said by many birders that the first two years are truly exciting.

Juvenile Northern Cardinal in my backyard
After two years on this new life journey, I can honestly say that I'm still in love with the adventures as I was when I first began this quest.

Giant Spotted Whiptail
For while I may see the same birds; I never see the same things.....ever.

They watch us and we may never see them.  They hide from us.....scared, timid, afraid of what we may try. They slip by unnoticed.  Mother Nature's secret order.

Green Heron
Each creature, great and small, exhibits something unique.  They hold me captive.  Time becomes meaningless.

Desert Spiny Lizard
And no matter how common the creature, it's always a joy to see them again.

Even though our adventures take us to new and unexplored areas, I'm always glad to come home and reconnect with both friends tame or wild. And sometimes both:)

Nature excites the imagination. For example, did you know that elves created an altar in the tree below? It's our little secret.

It isn't always easy.  This bat looked at us with its dying eyes.  There was nothing we could do to save it.  Why was it on the ground? What I do know is that if you find a bat on the ground, it isn't good.  Never pick one up. Rabies is just one of the many things out there. But there is emotion behind each and every picture I take.  Everything lives and everything dies. And when I recall this moment, it was difficult.

There is nothing like walking into a field of wildflowers under the great blue Arizona sky while fresh air  inundates the lungs. No smog.  No pollution.

And she keeps her secrets.  If I listen carefully, I may hear her whispers carried by the wind.

Arizona Tree Frog
If I tread slowly, may I find the little surprises disguised among the pine needles or grasses.

Horned Lizard
After two years, it hasn't gotten old at all.  It has given me purpose again.  There are still so many questions I have about this world.  And there is so much to see and experience.  Each day is a new adventure.  Where shall we wander next?


  1. i LOVE the lizards!!! all of them! and the cute frog, too. :)

  2. We shall wander where our hearts lead us and find beauty in each place! I'm so glad you still love the adventure! Nicely said Chris!

  3. To be truly amazed by the world around us is a sign of keeping the wonderment of the child within alive.

  4. I like the birds but I love the Lizards. The wild flower meadow is a beautiful photograph.

  5. Hi Crish, oh sorry Kreeesh! One never grow old when his enthusiasm and excitement is always that of a child. When with nature, it is always like that for us children of the wild.

    By the way, the fruit trees near the house are almost ripe now, and they attract many birds and mammals. This is the first time is see that parrot-like bird we call kulasisi or maybe guaiabero. Then there's this very small black/whitish bird with loud voice and very noisy. I think about you. How i wish i have the lenses to capture them. And yes, the bats at night almost eat all of the fruits.

  6. It looks as if the dragonfly had a space helmet on!

  7. HI Chris Yes life is a big adventure and if you stay young at heart, will always be like that. Great selection of birds, flowers and animals you have shown us today. For me, the best shot is the Dragonfly, 'doing press ups!'

  8. I love the critters as much as I love the birds. The lizards are cool and the frogs are cute! Great post and photos, Chris!

  9. Great post Chris illustrated by a super selection of photos showing the wonders of the natural world.

    Keep enjoying your adventures :)

  10. That's Nature - full of contrasts, beautiful and sad, but it keeps us interested and young at heart enjoying its surprises!

  11. viva the passion for life and nature! thank you, Chris, for such a positive, enthusiastic post, that still accepts the inevitable sadness we feel at times. And your photographic technique is getting better and better all the time. I specially love the detail on the dragonfly and the mallard.

  12. I have never seen a blue dragonfly. Awesome shot Chris!

  13. Fantastic captures Chris!As always your enthusiasm is contagious.Poor little bat! We had one in our house last week, but it found it's own way out, up the chimney.I love the dragonfly shot, and the lizards.
    Keep well, and stay as young at heart as you are now.

  14. I've really enjoyed the variety in this post, Chris, and your poetic observations. Some great images, both physical and mental.

  15. Kochasz i zawsze będziesz kochał ptaki chociaż je wszystkie już poznasz. To Cię zawsze będzie interesować. Pozdrawiam.
    Love and will always love birds, although all of them have got to know. That you will always be interesting. Yours.

  16. Great post Chris. As someone who is also rounding up 2 years of birding I can honestly say that I am looking forward to many many more! Great pictures once again!

  17. This is a great post. I love the lizards and birds but you know my favorite is... BUG WINGS!!!!

  18. Horned Lizards/toads/whatever are my favorite little left over dinosaur. They look like they are wearing a costume.

  19. Great Lizards Chris. And, I love the birds as well.

  20. Wonderful series of images Chris..poor wee owl, life sure is tough out there in nature, I see it myself even in my own back garden:)

  21. Neat post... Loved seeing all of the wildlife.. That Horned LIzard is unique for sure.

    Love seeing the Juvie Cardinal with its fuzzy head hair!!!!! ha

    My backyard birds are glad I am home --so that I can open up the Bird Kitchen...



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