Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Wandering Gypsy

Yarnell.  A strange town full of liberal artsy fartsy people.  A few have even called it the place of the "Gays and Grays".  Better keep it secret because if Jan Brewer found out, she'd have an atom bomb dropped on this tiny little gem. While on our trips around Arizona for our Big January, we spied many magnificent places over mountains and canyons and forests and.....well you get the idea.  We all blog because we want to connect to the bigger community.  I never imagined I'd actually meet real live people but a certain gypsy was in the area and we had to make a stop.
Hidden in a labyrinth full of rocks, shrubs, and art, we found the Gypsy.  At last!  And it was awesome!  She lives my dream life of travel, magic and work!  Many of you know Gaelyn from Geogypsy.  I wish I had more time to spend with everyone on these adventures but I have found that my life is one scheduled moment after another.  Don't get me wrong; I love it, but I wish I could just spend a little more time enjoying my blogger friends more.
On this day, we would visit the hidden town of Yarnell.  At first, I thought, "Is this it?"  But the backroads led to wonderful landscape, wildlife and culture.  There were artists hidden between trees and rock art. We did a nice little hike on an unmapped trail along a wash where one could find lots of wildlife tracks.
And we'd find the wildlife.  In fact, it seems wherever I go now, I see animals at every turn.  But the Gypsy found these lovely deer.  And like any good blogger, we took out our cameras and took lots and lots of pics:)  I was sad to say good-bye but happy to have met her.  We had a wonderful time and hope to do it again.  Over the next two days I'll share my Big January data with you all and we'll end this special week long series with a bang!  And thank you Gaelyn for showing us around your wonderful part of Arizona!  The Big January results tomorrow.....


  1. What would we do without those artsy fartsy folks not on a schedule. They bring whimsy and fun into the most unsuspecting places.

  2. beautiful deer! and i love cool, eclectic yard art stuff. :)

  3. Never enough time, even when semi-retired. So glad you made it to our funky "Gays & Grays" community. Was great to finally meet you and hope we can get together again.

    1. I laughed so much at that title! What a beautiful world you live in! It's quiet and peaceful and full of the things I really enjoy and hope to take part in some day:) Safe trip my friend! I'll be thinking of you:) No envious at all;)

  4. I would love to visit this place! Very interesting photos!

  5. wow! very cool art pieces / photos! :-)

  6. Chris, looks like a fun place, I like the cool art pieces. The deer shot is awesome. Very nice that you and Gaelyn were able to meet!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful, inspiring place to visit...and live.

    Good for them for expressing their creativity.


  8. You do meet the most interesting folk Chris and its wonderful that through you we get to 'sort of' meet them also!

  9. So glad you met Gaelyn, and Yarnell looks like such a great place to visit!


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