Thursday, June 30, 2011

Opuntia Molesta

During a conference on poisoness plants back in spring, a clever botanist brought up a list of plants that had terrible sounding names.  On a random stroke of luck, I discovered the name of an unknown cactus growing in my garden that was there before we moved into our home. For years, it has grown on the hot west side of the home.  I thought the plant was cool looking so I just left it there.  Now I have a name for it....Opuntia Molesta!!
Sounds like a spell from Harry Potter, no?

It grows in super hot conditions with a lot of sun.  It's neglected quite often. And it's slow growing. It's upright and branching at about a height of 2 feet right now.  If a piece breaks off, a new plant begins.  There are 2 varieties of this plant and they are found in Baja California.  Grows in Tucson and adds form to the garden.  Until tomorrow.....


  1. I wonder if that's what my little cacti is? Sounds similar.

  2. What a name! I'm currently reading a book by Amy Stewart called Wicked Plants. It's about poisonous plants and all the dastardly ways they kill people. It's really interesting. Is your cactus deadly or just prickly? :o)

  3. I cannot wait to get home and use a real computer. I met Amy Stewart for lunch. The book is a fun read and our gardens here created an exibit from her book. This prickly cactus was put in the wicked exibit fot its name alone. hope you both are well...still in Panama typing on this kindle. Going to a rescue place for monkeys and other critters and just finihed a tour of a coffee plantation....abrazos!


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