Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gate's Pass

Looking for breathtaking desert sunsets? Or an iconic Tucson sunset with Saguaro cactus? Here's a place that won't disappoint.  Gate's Pass is a scenic drive that cuts through the Tucson Mountains.  Started in 1883, Thomas Gates created this road as a shortcut through the mountains to get to his ranch.  Today this area is known as Saguaro National Park and is iconic for our Tucson image.   He was a local pioneer and rancher who purchased the land which would eventually be enjoyed by many people over the years and you won't  be disappointed.  Here are some pics I'm pretty proud of.......if you've never seen an Arizona sunset or sunrise, you need to come and visit. These pics were shot on 3/19/2011 while waiting for the Supermoon.  Enjoy.....

This is my personal favorite.


  1. Beautiful. Haven't been that far into Arizona yet.
    Planning a trip to Zion this fall.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. WOW! Desert sunsets never fail to impress! I have driven through Gates Pass several times, but mostly between dawn and mid-day; looks like a sunset trip is in order, soon. I bet that road is reponsible for adding at least 100,000 more people living in Tucson!

  3. Wow! Knocked my socks off! You should enter these in a photo contest! Really! They are that good. could frame them for the Botanical Gardens where you volunteer. Be brave! Go for it! There's another famous photographer there in Tucson and I love her website. It's called Thoughts in Images by T. Becque. She is super nice! We enter the Weekend in Black & White(from Ireland) photoblog each week....another photography wonderworld. Check it out and join in if you like!

    BTW..I can't believe how crystal clear all of the cactus outlines become in desert air. Thanks for posting this!
    David/ Tropical Texana/ :-)


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