Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Japanese Aralia/Fatsia

I love this plant!!  Put it in a pot or planter away from the direct sun and it will do very well.  Every year I switch the soil out of the pot and this beauty just keeps growing lush and green.  I started this plant from a baby and in two years, look at how this plant has grown!!!  It likes water and bright shade.  Most winters you can keep this plant outside during mild freezes.  However, I was not willing to lose this specimen plant on the courtyard and brought it into the shed.  Make sure the soil drains or the leaves will dry up and rot. It is prone to black spider mites every now and again, but I just take a hose and wash them off.  They are found at the base of the leaf or around the leaf "veins" underneath.  Wipe them off or again, just take the hose and wash them off.  Sometimes the plant will get rid of unwanted leaves.  They will droop and and turn yellow.  Cut them off and the plant is good as new.  The plant likes regular water and does well in bright shade.  Protect from freezes and intense sun. It's a moderate grower for me and a lovely specimen plant for your pots.  Until next time....

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  1. This is indeed a beautiful plant. I think I see one in my future!


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