Monday, August 29, 2016

The Desert Rains

CRACK!  A bolt of lightning streaked through the sky splitting a desert mesquite in half. It falls into a major road nearly hitting a car. My cat looks toward the sound.  And I begin to hear the winds and torrential monsoon rains crash down upon us. 

Two hours pass and nearly three inches of rain trap homeowners. And while they are trapped, they discover the unwanted leaks in their roofs. I can't keep the rain out of our house because it's not raining's raining sideways!  Another tree is blown over and comes racing down a wash(now raging river) and takes out a truck.  Emergency vehicles are everywhere.  Streets, I mean rivers, form and block people from leaving their homes. The world comes to a standstill. 

Coachline "Lake" is back.
Meanwhile, Mother Nature reclaims her desert from human kind.  Dams and supports that were placed along areas to feed the ag fields, are destroyed.  The water returns to nature and feeds the land once again.  This birder rejoices.  A lake has been reborn!

Tiger Whiptail
Cacti flower.  And lizards take advantage of the puddles of water.  There they sip from the tiny pools and replenish their reserves. 

A rare Snow Goose gains strength and flies.  Perhaps someday it will return to the North where it will breed.  But not today. Apparently it prefers the desert over tundra:)

Snow Goose
During the month of August, strange birds pass through our state.  Some are expected while others are very rare.  But chasing them in the heat isn't always fun.

 However, if they're easier to find, it makes the trek worth it.  Monsoon will begin to wind down now.  And that's okay with me:)  It means the high temps will also disappear:)

Tricolored Heron

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  1. YIPES.... I read about your monsoon season --but cannot imagine! I published a blog post today --talking about our weather problems (which are VERY different from yours)... Hope you see some of those rare migrating birds.


  2. WOW That is a bit scary but good for birding

  3. Hello Chris!:) My goodness how devastating for everyone, except the desert flowers and critters. Great shots of everything, and I too hope you see some more unexpected birds in your area.:)

  4. I can't imagine what it must be like during the duration of monsoon season Chris. Maybe once or twice in winter we get rain that blows in strongly sideways and that's nerve-racking enough when the leaks begin to show. Mother nature is unstoppable and devastating at times.. birds and wildlife often renew after these occasions much better than we do!

  5. I feel a bit mean saying so but I'm always happy when nature manages to reclaim something back :) Love your previous Part 1&2 posts. So important for the future.

  6. I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like living with monsoons Chris. Your photos are superb. Hope the temperatures become cooler soon for you :) and good luck with the birding.

  7. I love the storms. Could feel the power in your words.


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