Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beyond The Great Blue

The Great Blue Heron
The desert is an amazing place.  It's full of secret watering holes that range in size from a lake to a flowing river. And I've been following hotline tips from local residents who lead me to these incredible areas.  Today we hiked the San Pedro of the Southwests last running rivers near Sierra Vista.  Our hike and search would lead us to discover.....the Great Blue Heron. And staying with my "blue theme":)
Carefully I search with my spirit friend on the trail.  We pursue the Great Blue Heron.  "What does a Great Blue Heron look like?" King Tuzigoot asks.  He doesn't know much English, but I explain that it is a magnificent bird and would be hard to miss. 
I step down upon the reeds near the lake and there is a colorful flash of beautiful blue feathers spreading widely across the lake.  The King's eyes open wide and is surprised at how large the bird is.  The silent pursuit is on.....
But it almost blends in with the background, making it difficult to pick out along the shoreline.
However, at a certain angle, the sun shines light upon the situation.....
And the Great Blue Heron takes flight! It's an amazing world in which we live. The desert still surprises and never disappoints. More tomorrow....


  1. Wspaniały ptak, a Twoje ostatnie zdjęcie jest śliczne. Ptak wygląda jakby był pomalowany . Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
    A great bird, and your last picture is beautiful. The bird looks like it was painted. Yours warm.

  2. Very good shots Chris...... i like the last one so very much.

    Greetings, Joop

  3. I'm always amazed that these great herons can be found in deserts!

  4. How cool to get so close to these wonderful birds!

  5. I too am amazed discovering water birds like the heron in the desert. But where there is water there is also food. Nice shots with the shadow challenge.

  6. Great shots Chris. Great Blue Herons never cease to amaze, especially in the arid desert.

  7. The color on these is absolutely amazing. Beautiful.

  8. I love herons - they look so primeval and those are great photos of an amazingly coloured bird.

  9. It is very surprising to me to see these birds there!!! They are everywhere here...but in AZ??? WOW!!!


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