Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Art of Tubac

Greetings all!  Today's post is all about garden art. I generally hate street faires. Crowded spaces.  Not my kind of fun.  But several of us went and had a nice time. There are times when our gardens may need something "extra"....a little color splash or maybe something to make your garden more whimsical.  The desert can be for some people monotonous.  But it doesn't have to be this way.  Today I take you to the Tubac art festival south of Tucson.  And here's what I found.....
Have you met women like this one above?  I grew up with them all around me.  Maybe you are one of them.  And if you are, I totally dig your style.  I don't smoke, but I also don't mind the smell of cigars or a nice pipe. Okay, but you wouldn't put something like the above pic in your garden.  What could you put?
In Tucson, we have a lot of wonderful metal suppliers and artists who work with decorative stone and iron.  If you were a birder, for example, you might want to add art that included fountains or bird baths.....
Or a statue of a bird warrior to fend off the evil feral cats of your neighborhood.  To be honest, I loved this statue.
Okay, you're not a fan of birds.  But you like color and the desert southwestern theme.  Maybe something Mexican contemporary?  How about the grouping of these metal pieces above?  I love the metal flowers and cacti arrangements.
Or you want more of a Mexican feel?  How about this Day of the Dead figurine?
Historic Tubac is an interesting village of retired people, pecan growers, and artists.  It's an eclectic community of people who would love you to visit and spend money on their work.
Imagine color in your garden all year round with these metallic flower pieces.
Some of you may need something larger to act as a focal point.....
Or how about some lovely pottery next to a seating area?
Or using our wonderful winds to excite the mind.....I have a video below for you on this relatively new fad for your garden....
Think Color.  Think Metal.  Think Rock. Think Water.
One of my friends joked with me and knows of my love for owls.  He asked me, "What kind of owl is that Chris?"  Ha ha:)
While you're in your garden, play with shadow and the sun.  You are your own inventor.  This month promises to inspire from my travels around the state.  Let's get ready for spring and summer.  It's time to design!!!  I also wanted to let you know that I will be out of the country for 4 days and in the middle of the ocean, but I'll be back next week again reading all the blogs and posts:)  So if you don't hear from me, you all know why:)  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and for those of you who celebrate Easter, hope it's a wonderful time with family and friends.  I have some wonderful posts scheduled until we meet again:)  And like always, more tomorrow....
Here's the vid I promised.  It's cool:)



  1. Yes I went to the Tubac Festival two years ago and must say that I was very disappointed having seen the same kind of crafts around Chandler... except for very very expensive pieces inside galleries...
    We did come back though with a wonderful flute made by an artist from Ecuador.

  2. Nie jestem miłośniczką takich ozdób, ale lubię takie imprezy. Lubię spacerować i oglądać. Miłego pobytu z Rodziną i pozdrawiam.*** I'm not a fan of such decorations, but I like this event. I like walking and watching. Enjoy your stay with your family and best regards.

  3. Thanks for taking me to the art festival. There are a lot of items I would like to add to my yard. I definitely need a bird warrior to fend off the feral cats. And the metal flowers are so colorful and pretty, the metal sculptures are really cool. Lots of pretty art, thanks for sharing.

  4. This is my kind of event. I love the street fairs, especially the people!

  5. I love all the colour in that post and the windmill video is just so cool. Great metal sculptures too.

    Have a great trip this weekend.

    All the best

  6. One thing you can say about hispanics is that they love their colours and that works for me. Over here in Sweden striking colours are not exactly part of the culture. But it was the same when I lived in England in the 1970s.

    The artwork is beautiful and cheerful. I'll have to do another Tenerife piece. Not only are the buildings/houses artful, decorative and colourful but the gardens as well.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  7. That's alot of fun art. The video was great. If I had one of those, I'm afraid I'd get nothing done, I'd be so mesmerized. Have a wonderful trip! See you when you return. Jill

  8. i do like the wind art. but also the large bull and horse statues. :) enjoy your travels!

  9. Great post!
    I like the pottery and the wind art.
    Enjoy your travels.

  10. Fun and colorful art to add to the yard. I'd say it almost looks as colorful as my city except we'll experience our annual Fiesta soon. For two weeks every color goes together and no amount is too much, nothing is too tacky to wear or display and it is so very much fun at the same time.

    It is crowded too and I'm trying to figure out how to get some of it for the blog.

  11. Magpie and I were going to take a roadtrip down this there Spring before it got too hot but then life got in the way. It looks like a fun place. Enjoy the beach!

  12. Oh, this is a destination for Tracy and me. It's on our "LIST". Now I really want to go.

  13. I'm not much for planting but love the moving metal art. Have seen some up in Prescott.

    Have a great time on the water.

  14. Very nice sculptures! I will have a hard time choosing one. All looking really good for me ;-D Happy shopping!

  15. I love Tubac. I could walk around there for days.

  16. I surprised myself by how much I love these pieces! lol So perfect for southwestern gardens.


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