Friday, November 26, 2010


Roses bloom before the cold evenings hit.

There are several months out of the year that I like to call perfection....November, April, and half of May in Tucson.  It's not too hot nor too's perfection.  The plants seem to glow from not having to stress from the heat or worry about the frosty nights.  Here are some images from around town that caught my attention.

Tucson Botanical Garden

Can you see how the plants kind of "glow"?  It's hard to get a pic from this, but the leaves look brighter as the sun hits them which creates a brilliant green effect all around you.

Bug pictures are difficult to's amazing how hard it is to get a good shot of a "slow" bee.  They never want to stay in one spot for too long:) Have a great weekend!


  1. I think March is pretty nice in Tucson, too. It is like April in Abq. Kind of like the cool side of the rest of spring - your 1st half of May, our 2nd half of May.

    Yes, the plants rejoice in cool just like after a wash of rain or humidity!

  2. That rose is beautiful! My plants have all gone to sleep and the teachers have started a betting pool to guess our first snow day. :0)

  3. Saludos aventurereos,

    Que tipo de esphanhol ensenha el de Mexico?

  4. Dear Rohrerbot, It seems to me in cold, grey and dreary England, extraordinary that someone would refer to November as perfection!! But, looking at your garden photographs, I can well see what you mean!!

  5. I can see how these months may feel pretty perfect. Is it a pretty short month though? I'm always glad to have 4 seasons here in MD, but spring and fall seem to go by waaaay too fast.


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