Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Dread of Vacation

Vacation During the Hot Summer of Tucson

One of the greatest fears for a gardener is leaving their place for a much needed vacation.  People need vacations.  The problem with leaving is that the garden is a very personal protected place that you only know so well.  Everyday I am outside watering, pruning and sometimes nurturing a plant so that it will survive. Summer is a brutal experience here. People who don't work with the plants on a day to day basis don't know what each individual plant needs and it makes sense.  This is comparable to raising a child I suspect.  It's all trial and error. I leave soon for Wisconsin and it causes me anxiety because in a way, I am leaving my babies alone during the hot summer with the hopes that monsoon will compensate for any lack of moisture the plants aren't receiving.  And of course, I have wonderful people taking care of the place, but it still will always be in the background of my mind during are the plants doing? Which one will be dead when I get home? So I have one more week to get everything all done before I leave......but as I am sure it is with all gardeners going on vacation....stressful and full of anxiety.

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