Friday, July 9, 2010


It was very hot this morning waking up...93 degrees at 7 AM. Not only was it hot but very humid. The skies are heating up around here and thunder clouds are building. I will film some of this monsoon madness this weekend as it is sure to be a good one. Several of the images uploaded show the progress from the front of the building. In the background, you'll see two live oak trees, white oleander, bouganvillea, chitalpa or desert willow on the right side. On the left, you'll see the California Palm. The tree with yellow blooms is the very native Palo Verde tree. There is also another picture taken of the sky as it starts its' monsoon build up. Early build up equals early storms here. People are generally very excited when this unofficial "season" begins bringing in much needed tropical moisture. Besides general pruning, watering, and the occasional blowing, there isn't much to do during this month except make sure that all the plants are happy:) Planting is halted as is any general gardening project until fall.

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