Monday, September 16, 2019

My Desert My Home

Broad-billed Hummingbird
After two months of absence, I returned home to Tucson.  It felt good to be in my own space again and to hear my own voice. 

I am connected to the wildlife here.  I feel their living presence around me.  Nothing surprises me here anymore.  It's my home I know best. I hear their voices and understand their movement.

White-nosed Coati
I see my friends and it all makes me happy. 

Rufous-crowned Sparrow
There is beauty in every space IF we know how to look for it.  But somehow, this desert space is way more epic than anything I've seen around the world. 

A sunrise.  A sunset.  A monsoon shower.  A Gilded Flicker calling to the other.  "Come here!  I found a hill of ants for dinner!"  The other responds and flies to its mate. 

I sit under a ramada in the 100 plus temps.  A migrating Wilson's Phalarope casually passes me by. 

Wilson's Phalarope
I hear the rustle and anger of birds in a tree.  I suspect a snake is raiding a nest. 

Sonoran Whipsnake
Purple Martins are amazing birds, but somehow my desert Purple Martins are better:)

Purple Martin, the desert subspecies hesperia

Especially at sunset near their Saguaro home. 

I am back in my own car again, the USS Betty White.  As the sun sets at Saguaro National Park, I think to myself that I am one lucky guy.  There is no place like home. 


  1. Always good to be back in your own environment no matter how great the vacation was. Love the coati. Looks like a cross between a large cat and a raccoon.

    1. Coatis are so cool. Every time I see one, I get excited. They're cute little teddy bears.

  2. Hello Chris, beautiful post and photos. The last sunset is gorgeous. Happy Birding. Have a great day and new week!

    1. Thank you! You have had some adventures yourself!

  3. A delightful post, Chris, with some great photography. Your last sentence says it all! Best wishes to you and Micheal - - - Richard

    1. We've had nicer temps now and I'm in love. Hope you are well! Thanks for the well wishes! Chris

  4. I love your "love of the desert". I feel the same way. It's always nice to be home.

  5. I have been following your blog since my debut years ago...I congratulate
    you for the discipline and rigurosity. Thanks!
    A little review about our decade old collection. Until then

  6. Fantastic place and shots.. Happy weekend my friend

  7. It is always good to get back home and back to local birdwatching :) A super set of photos :)


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