Wednesday, October 25, 2017

An Arizona Autumn

After Mexico, we hopped into our car and drove to Pinetop in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona. Autumn has arrived. 

It's great to get outside and really BE outside. 

American Dipper gets a little breakfast
We hiked around the Greer area and saw lots of beautiful things. 

There is something very wonderful about fall. Maybe it's the fresh air.  Maybe it's about standing in one spot and enjoying the observations a little longer than usual.  Or maybe it's the hot sweet potato soup that is served at a local restaurant. 

Red Crossbill-this is the female AND she is yellow:)
Whatever it is, autumn is pretty awesome.

Red-naped Sapsucker
During the weekend, we hit all my favorite hotspots and counted birds.

Mountain Chickadee
We checked up on Payson's local resident, the Bald Eagle.  I've been wondering if this bird will ever pair up.  Ever since the severe drought of 2012, this bird has hung around the local watering holes.  I interviewed several residents who told me that the bird still continues "the single life".

Bald Eagle
After an intensely hot summer, I am so happy that the cooler temps have arrived again. 

There is so much to look forward to. Until next time......


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I will be stopping by soon to see what you've been up to:)

  2. yes you are right, Autumne is truely a wonderful collourful time of the year.

  3. You seem pretty pensive on this last picture...

  4. Hi Chris. It seems like a long while since I dropped by - too long!!

    I don't know why, but for some reason I don't think of Arizona having a 'fall' season. It's possibly due to your frequent mention of the heat! This delightful post from you has, however, shown me how wrong I was - great colours (can't bring myself to use the USA spelling of that word) from nature, in the trees and in the birds.

    My very best wishes to you both - - - Richard

    1. Hi Richard,
      So good to hear from you. We do have fall in the higher elevations. But it's brief and not as colorful as in other states. But there are secret parts of the state where we can catch a bit of color:) Hope all is well and it's good to hear from you!

  5. The colors are heavenly. Is that Bigtooth Maple? Fingers crossed that soon, you won't have to drive to cool, crisp weather.

    1. Hi David, I've been on the road so I'm sorry I didn't get back to your response sooner. Yeah, I'm looking into the species. I've labeled it as such in iNaturalist. Now I'm just waiting for a confirmation. It's a maple. But the as for the exact species, I'm not 100 percent sure.

  6. Bonitas imágenes.. Love autumn.. Cheers..

  7. Beautiful photos of your Autumn - such a lovely Season and a colourful time of year :) Soup sounds good!!! :)

  8. My favorite October quote is "My Favorite Color is October".... I too love October and all of the changes, the busy wildlife getting ready for winter, the colors all around us, the cooler temps, etc. etc. etc.


  9. You captured a regal shot of the resident bachelor.


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