Sunday, July 5, 2015

The Tie That Binds

Barn Swallow
Like all good things, our journey to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park came to an end.  Our final days were sunny and rainy.  We stayed around Estes Park and near several other park trails to map out our wedding plans this October.  I am excited for our families to come together and experience this wonderful park.  

Garter Snake
One of my favorite spots to explore happened to be around Lake Estes. 

Several times we were caught in the rain and hung out under a ramada watching elk and other critters scramble for cover. 

Pine Siskin
There is nothing stranger than finding a pelican in the middle of a mountain lake.  And yet we found THREE of them!

American White Pelican
So during our last several days, we scouted out several spots for our vows to take place, sampled several of the restaurants around the area and took a look at our cabins.  

Pine Squirrel
October will bring crazier weather(possibly snow!).  I am also hoping that Fall will be either in full swing or winding down at that time.  The Elk will be bugling while the tourist crowd will be smaller. 

And while there were many tourists during our pre-wedding visit, we found many quiet areas to escape.  

A Robin warns us to read the sign
On our last night, we drove back to our campsite after a memorable week visit.  I cannot wait for this wedding family reunion to happen.  I learned a long time ago that weddings are not about the people getting married; they are about the people attending:)  It will be a "small" event with just our families.  With just immediate family, there are around 50 people!  Some of my family are planning on hunting while others sample the beer and shop around the area.  The plan is to get the ceremony over in 15 minutes with a picnic afterwards.  Then it's all about how they want to spend their vacation as a family.  

I hate weddings with a passion but I understand the importance of them.  So since I could not avoid the whole wedding event, I tried my best to make it as natural and simple as possible:)  Compromise is great.  "You want a wedding?  Great!  But it's going to be outdoors and like a camping trip:)"  And there were other discussions compromising on "this" and "that", but ultimately, I think we have a wedding that represents both of us. It's going to be a Lord of the Rings event.  We're going to wear Elvish robes and ride out on Elk:)  Enya will also be present singing her ethereal music. My nephews and nieces will dress up as Orcs. My siblings, since they are from Wisconsin(aka the Shire) will dress up as Hobbits.  Okay....maybe I'm going too far, but it helps cut down the stresses of planning for a wedding. 

Violet-green Swallow
During the upcoming weeks, Las Aventuras will be heading out to various locales searching for tropical and pelagic birds. The life bird quest continues! Until next time friends......


  1. It looks a wonderful place for a wedding/family re-union Chris. Good luck with all the planning and preparations.

  2. Haha! I'm not sure if you're kidding or not Chris, but if not oh man I can't wait to see your wedding photos :) Just went back and enjoyed your Rocky Mountain trip, the scenery is beyond magnificent, not a bad spot for a wedding :)

  3. Hello Chris, your images remind me of my trip to Estes Park and our walk around Lake Estes. I hope you found the perfect spot for your wedding. I love the pelican in flight shot. Happy Birding and good luck on finding those life birds.

  4. Congrats on your upcoming wedding, Chris (and Michael). You have chosen an awesome place... Sounds like it is going to be a really FUN time for your families...

    We love the Rockies and Estes Park... Besides Yellowstone, I think the Rockies in Colorado are some of my all-time favorite places to visit...

    Sounds like you had a great time --and glad you were able to hike UP UP UP to find that amazing bird (in a previous post).

    God's Blessings on you.

  5. How delightful to get married at Rocky. Would be wonderful to have a Hobbit wedding.

  6. Now that's going to be a FUN Wedding!!! Great pics!

  7. I'm thinking your wedding is going to be much more fun than most are! Bravo for wanting it to be a family affair more than the circus so many wedding are these days!

  8. I read the last several posts and felt such a yearning in my heart to return to Rocky Mtn nat'l Park, Estes park etc. in my mind it is the most beautiful place in the world. It will be an excellent backdrop for the union/celebration you are planning.

  9. Sounds like a perfect wedding Chris, can't wait to see the pics :) Don't panic but October will be here before you know it!

  10. All that fun come to an end. You had beautiful views and beautiful birds. One view scared me, this is the second picture. Greetings.

  11. I love the birds, the Barn Swallow is brilliance, well done.

  12. Awesome place for a wedding. Plan the event you want with the people you want and all will be well.

  13. Me gusta mucho la golondrina.. Saludos..

  14. This is so close to where I grew up!!!! I can tell you stories of me and Estes Park...LOLOLOL

    Love the bird captures...and it's like going home with all your scenic images of the wonderful Rockies.

    This is kinda, me, Tucson AND Estes Park?!!! Lovin' it.

  15. This is a fabuous place for a wedding Chris. I love the Barn swallow adn the Pelican.

  16. Love your wedding plans. Congratulations on the upcoming event.

  17. Estes Park is a lovely place, beautiful place for a wedding!! .

  18. The landscape looks quite amazing, and some really fantastic wildlife about too. Really like the Pelican in flight.

  19. Chris magnificent images shares and I always gravitate toward Swallow images!

  20. Your plans for your upcoming special event, your wedding, sound wonderful! How priceless to get to share this day with your two families! I am excited for you. Gorgeous photos, Chris! What a lovely place you have chosen. We loved both Estes Park (though, as I told you, the elk were all hiding the day we went!) and Rocky Mountain National Park!

  21. Chris, make sure you reserve an elk for me! I love Enya, BTW. and I LOVE RMNP! oh, and I love you too and am so excited for you and Pat? ;-)


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