Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Carry Me Wind

Sandhill Cranes
Oh wind, carry me to far away places. To the North, we go.  Together.

Guide me.  Let me ride the thermals until it's just you and me.

Let me be truly free.  Free from all of this. Guide me. Take me. Carry me away.  

I am exhausted. I do not want to be caged anymore. Open the door. Let me go.  Let it all be done. Flight feathers grown back. Let me be free now.  

Drake Cinnamon Teal
Carry me up into your airy river. 

Hen-Cinnamon Teal
Oh wind. You are both my friend and enemy. But today, I ask you to please guide me North safely. 

Verdin nesting
Kiss me with your bitter cold embrace.  Lift me.  Take me to great heights.  Higher than I've ever gone before. Oh wind, I'm counting on you.  
Written after an incredibly personal moment near Wilcox, AZ. 

Las Aventuras has several surprises in store over the next several weeks.  Will I reach 600 life birds?  Does any of it really matter?  The journey is all that matters now.  After all, the birds seen here today on this blog have all been seen before many times.  And yet, they are still as magical as they were when I first met them. 

The rare for Arizona Red Phalarope at Willcox Lake or what some call "Lake Cochise"
Today's post is about letting go. This blog began because I wanted to change things around our home.  Eventually I transitioned from landscaper to president of our HOA. I stayed on because I didn't want to disappoint the homeowners, but as of this past weekend, I finally stepped down.  It's only taken me 7 years and loads of stress for me to figure out one simple thing. I cannot control the things that happen between people.  I cannot fix anyone's problems. I can only do the best that I can with what I have. With my decision, I have set into motion some challenging times ahead for the residents who have relied on me over the years. I apologize that I cannot take care of you anymore.  Last year while chasing birds across the country, I felt free.  No chains to hold me down. This year, it's all different.  I can't explain it.  It's much more personal.  And I won't let this negative energy have an impact on my happiness. I will be heading home to be with my family in the next several weeks to reconnect and center my thoughts again. 

I stood under a thousand cranes flying only feet from my head.  And it was the most powerful singular moment of this year. I watched two Golden Eagles speed like bullets through the air after a flock of cranes.  The cranes switched directions and whirred right above me.  And in this action, my eyes were opened. Las Aventuras is going deeper into the world of birds over the course of this year.  This Gray Fox will find his way into many new and old locations.  You'll just have to wait and see;)  Until next time friends. 


  1. Awe engulfed me at the sight of the first few shots, and i smiled a bit at the captions. I though you are having some fun, or maybe just putting those captions as the photos appear. Then later i realized you have a story, and it is touching too. Go on Friend, go where your heart desires, free yourself where your feet carry you. Claim your freedom as those birds have been showing you all along. Take care and congratulations!

  2. Letting go feels so good. What you experienced yesterday shapes your tomorrow. You remind me of Jonathan Seagull!

  3. Your wonderful images of the Cranes make me feel as if I'm right in there with the action, Chris. I can feel your sense of awe at this happening. It's one of those 'Wowwwwww!!!!!' times.

    Best wishes from UK - - - - Richard

  4. The crane shots are just spectacular Chris. No accompanying words are really needed to appreciate the wonder of it all - perhaps just a soundtrack.

    Yes it's too easy sometimes to get sidetracked and go somewhere you perhaps never intended to, and to head down the wrong road for too long. It's good and valuable life experience though and eventually someone gets back on a real track..

    I hope you found it now Chris. I think you have.

  5. great images Chris and even nicer sentiment!

  6. A beautiful post Chris with some lovely images :) I love those special moments in nature - especially the way they remain with you forever. You have done some wonderful work over the years at the place where you live - I remember the incredible transformation of the gardens. Sometimes it is good to take a step back and free yourself. I hope you have a good holiday with your family.

  7. Looking forward into sharing with you some of your new adventures!

  8. It must have been a thrill to see so many cranes so close. A dear friend of mine was there and said she loved everything but was disappointed the key speaker didn't get to talk long and someone else talked about I think she said ducks.

    Good for you to step down. It's time for some you and partner time.

  9. it's tough to let go of things that have become routine in your life, even though deep down you want to let go...it's hard to make that change. but you did! yay for you chris!
    be free. as free as you want...as free as you can. be happy & spend time doing what you want...what draws you in. enjoy your journey!
    beautiful pic's!!! :)

  10. YES---get rid of all of that negative stuff around you... Find that FREEDOM you yearn for... You can do it and WILL I'm sure. AND--I'm sure you will reach that 600 life birds soon.. Then you'll reach even higher and farther... Bless you, Chris.
    PS---I do enjoy seeing the 'same' birds over and over.. That is JOY for us all.

  11. Great shots of the Sandhill Cranes in flight. I have seen this spectacle and share your sense of exhilaration.

  12. Beautiful Cranes shots Chris. I hope your flight brings you to a happy place :)
    That is one of the many thinsg I love about our house - no HOA!!!!

  13. Chris, I LOVE your poem! This is an amazing post. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  14. How exciting!! I'm looking forward to seeing where this year takes you. The older I get, the more I realise I can't control or fix the effects of other people's life choices, so I respect their right to make their own adult decisions, however foolish or misguided I may think them. After all, they probably think the same about me!! Good luck with your life changes!!


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