Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Whispering To Birds

Costa's Hummingbird
No matter where I go now, I see birds.  And they see me.  The magical part is that they don't run(or fly) anymore.  We just stare at each other.  In a two part write, I'll share some of the strange things happening to me while out in the field during my observations.
Northern Mockingbird
Learning a new language can be difficult for many people.  But for me, it's fun and easy.  That's why I teach it to kids and adults. It's what I do and it's what pays the bills.  But I never considered speaking "bird" or "animal" a real thing.  And yet.....
Bewick's Wren
I have been able to interpret calls, replicate some basic bird "pishes", and observe behaviors.  My voice, at first, only attracted Ruby-crowned Kinglets, but now I'm finding Wrens respond to me.  And finally, after many attempts, I was able to capture the Bewick's Wren perfectly on this branch.  And we sat looking at each other for several minutes, curious about the other.  I thought it was so cool.
Black-bellied Whistling Duck
I watch people interact with wildlife.  Black-bellied Whistling Ducks are quite humorous.  Two people walked too close to them and the ducks decided to attack the guy's feet.  And yet, when I was in their area, I was able to note that there was an imaginary border between us.  If I moved too close, the alpha duck moved closer.  It was fascinating!
As the swallows return to Southern Arizona, I am learning how to stand still and observe the swallows fly near me!
Hummingbirds are curious birds.  They are like the Chihuahuan dogs of the bird world. They are not afraid of anyone or anything.  To call a hummer out, wear bright colors on your shirts like reds or oranges.  Maybe pull out that old Hawaiian shirt from the closet.  If you feed hummers at your home and they've come to know you, they'll sit and wait for you to begin your morning.  And if you forget to feed them, they'll hover in front of your dining room window and remind you:)  Sometimes they'll feed right out of your hand.  Talk about cool!  Here is a post from my blogger friend Kelly.  She took a video of her buddy Homer.
And I expect as I learn more, my language ability will increase.  I've watched birders call before....and I laughed, but now I don't think it's so funny at all.  It's a real thing and some people can do incredible things with their voices!
So as time flies by, as it does, I will become a sponge and pick up as much as I can.  I don't know everything and never will.  And that's how I go about birding.  There's so much to learn.
Neo-tropic Cormorant
Sometimes, I'll take a lunch break.....
......and "poof".  A Hermit Thrush pops out of nowhere and stares at me eating ice cream.
Hermit Thrush
As I get up early, I walk to my feeders, and discover a hummingbird looking down at me......reminding me to get my butt moving.  They are the first to eat in the morning (as are the Curve-billed Thrashers).
I am dedicated and will learn the ways of the "force".  And so now I leave you in silence to enjoy the various birds from my walks around sunny Arizona. Remember to tread lightly:)

Female Northern Cardinal

Western Tanager

Broad-tail Hummingbird

White-winged Dove

Common Raven next to a Red-tail Hawk

Female Common Merganser(Northern Shoveler on the left)

Inca Dove


  1. your bewick is so cute! you already know i'm completely enamored by the bbwds. :)

  2. Ty uwielbiasz ptaki i potrafisz z nimi się porozumieć. Niektóre się nie boją Ciebie i to niesamowite. Cudowne ptaki i zdjecia pokazujesz. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
    You love birds, and you can communicate with them. Some are not afraid of you and it's amazing. Wonderful birds and photos showing. Regards warm.

  3. Hi Chris, You are definitely the "Bird Whisperer"... Look at your improvement over the past year... WOW!!!

    Love seeing all of your birds.. Just fan-tabulous....

  4. Chris, this is a great post. You are becoming one with the birds. I know exactly what you are talking about. I have seen the hummers and bluebirds looking in my windows. Your photos are awesome!

  5. Your Hummers have been back in the News again. Looks like climate change is effecting then far worse than first thought.

    BTW, where is that pic with the mesquite wood rail fences ? Look like somewhere around the Huachukas

    1. When you get here, you'll need to check out Buenos Aires Wildlife near Arivaca and Sasabe:)

    2. Well, when I do come out there, I'm going to document some specific things in very western Arizona which as you know is pretty much a moonscape, but in actuality looked very much like your Tucson's green living Sonoran Desert. I actually touched on this on one of my last posts in the "Earth's Internet" blog. The influence of Ancient Lake Cahuilla was much greater than many think or realize. There are some dating time frames with Ancient Lake Cahuilla's disappearance, volcanism in both Salton Sea and Flagstaff regions and the disappearance of the Anasazi peoples of the Colorado Plateau.

      Should be fun, because the remnants of plants life still exist. Just wished I'd photographed them back in 1980 when I first found them. There are some other anomalies but I wait until I have photos. Sad thing is, all of this has disappeared in just the last couple hundreds of years. That's a spit's distance in Earth time.


    3. I know how you feel:) I wish I had begun my documentation earlier as well. I do hope you have fun out here and find lots of wonderful Mexican food....and give me a call? if you'd like to go out and do an excursion. Can you believe it's snowing in Tucson today??!!!! Weird weather!

    4. Actually in the old days when ecosystems were healthy and weather was normal, snow events in the desert were not that uncommon.

  6. Wow some of the birds are so beautiful and the photograghy is very nice. It's great when you can communicate with animals, especially birds, it's a great privilage.

  7. Beautiful birds Chris, your Hermit thrush is so cute! You've managed to capture so many good shots too.

  8. You are the bird whisperer and I'm not surprised that you even speak their language now. So many different birds, many of them new to me. That little Bewick's Wren looks so sweet!

  9. All very beautiful creatures. Some I didn't even know existed.
    Not everyone has the patience to wait for the creature to speak to them.

  10. The bird shots are beautiful Chris. Great job!

  11. You truly are the "Bird Whisperer" Chris! I am always so impressed with your wonderful shots of so many different kinds of our feathered friends. They seem to love you!

  12. Your bird photography is superb. Mine pales in comparison. After reading on how effective it is to communicate with the birds, I tried it out just now in my garden. To my surprise, the birds got excited and started to swoop in and out!

  13. We already think of you as 'the bird whisperer' Chris now this just fully confirms it. J'adore all of the beautiful little birds that you show us ( and the bigger ones too).

  14. I love the new header....you have been busy bird whistling a great selection.

  15. Beautiful birds - and of course all exotic to me - nothing like them out here in Australia. Years ago I knew an old couple who had grown up "in the bush" as we would say out here! They both knew the habits of most of the birds around and could call them all in. I think it was something they had both done from a very early age. I wonder if it's ever too late to learn?

  16. Hi Dr Dolittle of the bird world:) Forgive my flippancy Chris, because I think it's wonderful that you are able to communicate with birds. When creatures become more curious, than fearful, it's a fantastic feeling.I know just how you feel.

    You've taken some gorgeous shots! I especially like the Bewick's Wren, the two pics of the Northern Cardinal and the beautiful Hummers, but they are all great:=)

  17. Great selection of birds - always starnge how many birds "come to see you" when you have a lunch!

    Glad you liked my wordy post!


    Stewart M - Melbourne

  18. Wonderful photos Chris - especially love the wren and hummingbirds. So enjoy reading your posts and seeing the colourful birds you get. Keep on "bird whispering" :)

  19. Hello Chris,
    Very good shots of all these special birds. Fantastic to see how you photographed them. Wonderful!!

    Greetings, Marco

  20. You have a amazing talent, and a kinship with the feathered ones...they must know it also.


  21. Its great to be a part of the natural world Chris, and the best thing is its all free!

    very smart photo's today mate!


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