Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Costa Rican Adventure

The Coati
My friend and colleague, Cris Robson, just came back from a trip to Costa Rica.  She teaches Environmental Science and Biology at our school and LOVES what she does.  Cris got into teaching after she worked in the science field for awhile.  Today she's taking over this blog with her pics from the Costa Rica trip and you'll see some of the places she went to visit.  A first for Las Aventuras, here is guest photographer Cris Robson.......
The Coati can be found in Tucson.  Here they seem almost domesticated.  These animals are very much like racoons:)

I wonder if the tails up, like with cats, means....TREATS!  They look pampered:)

A termite nest

Look closely.....Iguanas on the move!

A form of gunnera....a very large plant and one of my favorites:)
This DOES NOT grow in Tucson:)  I know....I've tried.

The active volcano Arenal covered in clouds.

Costa Rican fun along the coffee side of the world.

Waterfalls are both mysterious and beautiful.

I look forward to sharing our Panama adventures with you.  When Cris came back, I was really excited to hear her stories about Costa Rica.  While I've been to these places, it's always fun to hear others reactions.  Tomorrow is another first of some fun photography shoots in Arizona.  I hope you enjoy as we take a break from the final part of my plant journal.


  1. Coatis? It looks like a well behaved class of students!

  2. Those coatis are so cute! They do look tame and well taken care of.

  3. What a fun post! I'd love to visit Costa Rica,but once there, I'd probably never come back.
    David/ Tropical Texana

  4. Nice blog! Thats so cool and fun. Costa Rica, I want go there at least once and sure, I go.........coatis are so cute they make fun.........

  5. Those coati are sure plentiful! They are cute but I bet they can be pests. Those iguanas look like they are going somewhere in a hurry! haha!


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