Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's that buzzing in my garden?

During this time of year, you may hear the high buzzing sounds of a creature. A loud cresceding sound that as quickly as it begins....it ends. Welcome to the month of June!! In May, the mockingbird visits us and in June, the cicada shows its' face and some consider it not the prettiest of faces:) However, it is a welcome sight and sound to the garden....here is an excerpt on the description on this little guy.
"Cicadas arise through 1/2 diameter holes in the ground in May to late June as odd-looking nymphs that have been feeding on the roots of trees and shrubs. The nymphs climb up walls or trees and emerge as adults, leaving the cask skins of the nymphs clinging to the base of the walls or tree trunks. The adults are approximately two inches long, with large wings that fold over their backs. Cicadas have chunky bodies and bulging eyes. They fill the air with a cacophony of vibrating ribbed plates through August. The male cicada may be the loudest insect known, the mating sound can be heard as far as 440 yards."

From my travels to France, I discovered that this critter is revered by many in the southern provinces around Avignon and Nime. It is considered to be good luck and many times you will see this insect in people's homes or on fabric like curtains or table clothes. It's what I call the "Provincial Look"(from Provence:). Our gardens attract many things...sometimes unwanted, sometimes unexpected.....but they will always attract our local residents. In June and during the monsoon season, this is one of the sounds that makes me smile:) Happy gardening!!

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  1. thank you for following my blog and thus leading me to yours! amazing pictures of the little creature -- are the wings actually transparent?!


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