Friday, August 28, 2015

An Ode to August

Barrel Cactus Bloom
August you can be quite stunning.  But you also drain me of my energy. I see rain and I smile.  I see sun and I frown. Hot, sweaty, sticky T-shirts are not my thing. It's a love-hate relationship with you.

Migrating Black Terns at Benson's WTP
You bring us rarities.  You bring us color.  Lightning, thunder, raging desert rivers along with gulls, terns and lots of other interesting things. But try searching for a Painted Bunting in 100+ degrees while walking around wet grassy bug filled fields! You, dear August, test my limits.

Texas Ranger and Barrel Cactus
I begin to think of ocean waters, cool breezes, and freezing nights.

The Benson WTP
I come home from an exhausting day at work.  No energy to do anything.  Just sleep.

Mary Jo Ballator's Ash Canyon Retreat-home to the US rare Lucifer Hummmingbirds
Hiking is not even possible.  So I sit among the blooming flowers and watch the migrating hummingbirds from within my chair. 

Male Lucifer Hummingbird
The bugs bite me.  Itch itch itch.  You are way too intense for me and all I can do to escape you, August, is retreat into my air conditioned car.

I think of stain glass windows and old pine with lots of musty books. It's raining all day long.  And cold.  Behind my window, I watch the birds while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. 

Coyote pups need water and want to play with the photographer!  Not today:)
 Most speak ill of the whipping frozen winds of the north.  Not me.  I feel energized by them. I imagine myself at the Whitewater Draw on a cold January day.

Female Lucifer Hummingbird
August.  You are beautiful but you are too high maintenance for me.

As much as I hate saying good-bye to you, I am also secretly relieved that you are leaving.  Is that terrible of me to write?

Sweetwater Wetlands
Your close friend, September, will be visiting soon and I look forward to a brief visit. Nothing personal:)


  1. I know how they can tease high temperatures. In Poland they were very hot days, unheard of as for this part of Europe. You can do it, and consoling themselves that are cooler days. Regards.

  2. Hello Chris, your flowers are gorgeous and I love the sweet hummingbirds. Stay cool and enjoy the weekend!

  3. Don't think I could cope with your temperatures :( but would be happy to watch your hummingbirds :) Lovely photos - not long now until September and hope its cooler for you!

  4. Only a few more day now Chris. Things can only get better. That last shot of those beautiful flowers are fabulous. w Chris. Thing

  5. What wonderful pictures of the cactus flowers.
    August here has been unseasonably cool. It's supposed to get hot next week... high 80's. I'm looking forward to that!

  6. Waxing oh so poetically. I am sad to summer go.

  7. I'm happy to bid adieu to August, though we're getting August into September, too. At least nothing like the heat of the Sonoran Desert. Great Lucifer shots!

  8. The cactus blossoms are gorgeous and I love the hummingbirds.


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