Monday, June 10, 2013

The DeAnza Trail and Beyond!

Black-bellied Whistling Ducks
Santa Cruz county(southern Arizona) this month has been hot and full of new birds!  
Brown-crested Flycatcher
Such locales like Tubac, the DeAnza trail, Tumacacori, the Rio Rico ponds and St. Gertrudis Lane offers people some of the best places to bird watch.
Black Vulture
I had been feeling a bit exhausted from extreme birding several days before and wanted to do a quick run to the Rio Rico Ponds to find the Black-bellied Whistling Ducks(below).  I had seen the bird before, but it would be a lifebird for me on Ebird.  Part of me was thrilled to see these birds in their natural habitat, but another part was more interested in the drive, good music, and an easy lifebird.
Of course, the minute I got out of car along side the road, the skies exploded with Black Vultures.  What should have been an easy morning getting a lifebird turned into......."What else is out here?"  My curiosity took over and I began to hike along the DeAnza trail.
I left the Rio Rico ponds and headed to the nearby St. Gertrudis Lane.  Birders are allowed to walk this gravel road but not drive.  So don't drive.  Plus if one could drive, they'd miss out on all the fun birds along the road.
Female Vermilion Flycatcher
As I walked down the road, I found myself entering a gate to walk the DeAnza trail.  There were too many birds calling and I forgot about where I was.  There was a particular bird of great interest....a Juvenile Gray Hawk!
Juvenile Gray Hawk
I didn't walk too far, but I did have a lovely stroll within the area.  By 11 AM, I was back home in my pj's for the rest of the day!
There's so much out there to see.  Life is thrilling.  The heat of our desert summer, however, sucks:) A fun nerdy post coming up next week.
"Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks" J.R.R. Tolkien


  1. The skies exploded with Black Vultures-- I hate when that happens!

    Otherwise, nice birds, Chris!

  2. Wspaniały obserwator ptaków wszędzie je wypatrzy i daleko od domu i blisko. Śliczne im zrobiłeś zdjecia. Pozdrawiam.
    Great birdwatcher spotted them everywhere and far from home and close. Cute pictures they did. Yours.

  3. Hi Chris... More great photos from HOT Arizona... Love seeing the Whistlers... I have another blog friend in Texas who posts pictures of the Whistlers...

    Great photos today... How many total different birds that you have seen are on your long list now????


  4. Chris, this is another great place for birding! The whistling ducks are so cute, love them! The hawk is cool too. Awesome birds and post. Congrats on your lifers! Happy birding!

  5. Terrific bird pics! I am just totally enamored of those whistlers.

  6. a lovely variety in this series Chris and I appreciate (living on the East coast of Australia), about the heat of summer.

  7. Too hot, but I want to see these too! Excellent.

  8. Its great you got in one more birding episode before heading to Guatemala. Have fun and get lots of birds in the process. Will see you in July.

  9. Nice pictures - dont do to many Tolkien quotes, they can Hobbit forming!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. Looks like another superb birding place Chris. Love the last photo and Tolkien quote :)

    Enjoy your trip to Guatemala.

  11. Wonderful images Chris.

    I can relate to being home by 11 am and staying in pj's the rest of the day, after my trip to Idaho and Montana last week I have wanted to sleep longer and be lazy!

  12. What treasures you've gathered from that trail! They're just wonderful!

  13. très jolies photos !

  14. Sorry to have not visited you blog for so long Chris, I've been away, and am only now managing to catch up with my favourite blogs.

    A great post here, with some super images from what looks like a very rewarding morning. Thank you for sharing them with us. That Gray Hawk is a mean-looking dude!

  15. Hi Chris - I see that you have referred my blog (A Small Tucson Desert Garden) in the past. Thankyou! I haven't posted in a while but the last 2 posts are about baby hawks that visited our garden with videos and pics and I thought you might be interested. I've also added your blog as a link on my site. Hope you find the videos interesting and thanks again for all those past referrals. Brad

  16. This DeAnza trail has a treasure trove of birds for a wonderful day of birding.

  17. The Whistlers I am so fond of from TexWisGirl's blog! And some other wonderful always! Yes, the heat is getting to us already. I do not enjoy summer here, but am making the most of it. :-)

  18. Chris, I am so glad you got your lifer. The beak on that brown crested flycatcher is massive! Nice shots!


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